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Pop-up Art Exhibition

Information for artists T & C

Private view Friday 4th October

Exhibition  saturday 5th and Sunday 6th October


Art exhibition featuring original works for sale by local and national artists at the MS Therapy Centre.

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Terms and Conditions

Please read these points carefully.



Dear artists, thank you for joining our exhibition. You will all by now have  completed the Entry Form .

HANDING IN YOUR WORKS: MONDAY 30th SEPTEMBER MIDDAY-5PM & TUESDAY 1st OCTOBER MIDDAY-5PM. Please bring your works to the MS Therapy Centre, Bradbury House, 155 Barkers Lane, Bedford, MK41 9RX. You will be asked to check in all your artwork and take your wrappings away with you. The number of exhibits displayed may have to be restricted to three at any one time.

PAINTINGS & PRINTS: You are invited to submit up to 4 framed paintings. However, we only guarantee to hang three works at the start of the event. Any painting more than 3ft x 2ft may be counted as two of your allowed total of works. Paintings must be adequately framed for hanging i.e. Wired or strung. For security, we cannot accept clip glazing. “D” or “O” rings are compulsory, and backs of pictures should be sealed with tape. A tie-on label giving the title of the work, medium, your name and selling price should be securely fixed on the back of the work (or where appropriate on other items). In addition, you may also submit up to 10 unframed prints/originals. Unframed pictures will be sold separately from a browser stand. They should be mounted and covered in cellophane or plastic with name, medium, title and price on the back. Please supply a browser stand if you are able. Browsers may be shared between artists. Great care will be taken of all exhibits, but the charity cannot accept responsibility for any damage. We reserve the right not to hang any prints or works that are too large, too heavy or too fragile to be hung safely.

JEWELLERY, CERAMICS, GLASS & SCULPTURE: For ceramics, glass, jewellery and sculpture, we can provide some tables. Please ensure all your items are labelled and priced clearly. Set up for these can be from 12midday until 3pm on Friday 4th October. You should be on site throughout the event to ensure the security of your items – we know that this also helps promote your sales.

GREETING CARDS: You are invited to submit up to 50 greeting cards. All cards must be sold at the same price and be labelled with the price and the artist’s initials. Please provide card stands if you can.

FEES: 33% of the sale price will go direct to the MS Therapy Centre and is greatly appreciated. This applies also to future commissions if placed at the exhibition. There is a charge of £10 for each artist exhibiting up to 4 framed works. This charge is non-refundable and must be paid on submission of your entry form.

DONATED WORKS: Some artists have been exceptionally generous and offered to donate items. Please price these items and we will highlight them in bold in the catalogue. If you are a tax payer, we may be able to reclaim Giftaid on your donation and can supply you with the appropriate form.

COLLECTION OF UNSOLD WORK: Please bring your wrapping material and collect and check out any unsold work between 5pm and 6pm on Sunday 6th October. If this is not possible, please let us know in advance. The items will be stored in the Centre for collection during the following week by appointment at agreed times and will be subject to a storage fee of £1 per item per day.

ARTISTS REIMBURSED LATEST BY: Once the exhibition finishes, the Centre will keep 33% of the money collected for any sold works and will forward the remainder to the artist within 4 weeks and by 3RD NOVEMBER 2019.

HOME MADE CAKES FOR THE CAFÉ: Our exhibition tea and home-made cake café will also help raise extra funds for our charity and we are very grateful for this additional contribution. If you or your friends are able to make cakes, please let us know how many you will bring with you to the Centre for this event.

PRINT BROWSERS, CARD STANDS & EASELS:  If you have any print browsers, card stands and easels that you could bring along to help display your works and cards we would be very grateful.  Please let us know how many you are able to supply.  Thank you!

SHOW CATALOGUE: We will produce a comprehensive catalogue  sponsored by local businesses. We make no entry charge for visitors to the exhibition or the catalogue but donations are encouraged.

STEWARDING: We ask all artists to volunteer to help us during one or more sessions over the weekend. We try to avoid everyone offering to do the final slot on Sunday! We will send out the stewarding rota to all artists after they have entered and paid.

NB: All artworks remain at the artists’ risk throughout the duration of the event and at all other times. The MS Therapy Centre accepts no liability for loss or damage of artworks or any other property of the artist or any person, at anytime.

The Centre retains the right to promote the artist’s work through the MS Therapy Centre and other social media sites and on the MS Therapy Centre website. The artist will retain the copyright on all their work without exception. Artwork will not be used for any purpose other than promotion of the event or to sell at the exhibition. The artist will be solely responsible for any infringement on copyrighted material.

AND FINALLY…………………………

We are very much looking forward to welcoming everyone to our Pop-Up Art Exhibition and if you do have any queries please contact us:

Email: [email protected]


Phone: The fundraising team at the MS THERAPY Centre on 01234 325781

For more information, please contact

Email: [email protected]

Telephone: Bela or Tracy at the MS Therapy Centre on 01234 325781

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