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We currently have two specialist neuro-physiotherapists  at the Beds & Northants MS Therapy Centre in Bedford, along with a physio assistant.  

Watch Jan working hard on the balance trainer

Your first meeting with the physiotherapist is an opportunity for you to discuss together the best ongoing treatment plan for you based on your areas of concern and need. These may relate to difficulties with balance, trips and falls, drop foot, muscle weakness, tightness and stiffness, muscle spasms, difficulty coordinating, maintaining posture or increased difficulty with standing and/or walking.
We offer one to one physiotherapy but also group work which appeals to many as a medium offering fun and challenge in a relaxed atmosphere together with the ongoing support and sharing of others with MS.
There are various groups  to suit either those who prefer being seated while exercising as a safer option or those who are able to exercise whilst standing or lying on the floor.
Our extensive range of equipment and all that we do here is aimed at enabling and enhancing your present level of mobility and independence. 
Advice and guidance is offered in relation to the best way of managing your symptoms working within your lifestyle and preferences. We liaise closely with our gym supervisor and the other therapists. 
We hope during your time with us you will be encouraged and enabled in those areas of mobility that are important to you.

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The Bedfordshire and Northamptonshire MS Therapy Centre aims to provide the therapies, services & support needed for people with multiple sclerosis.

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