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MS Specialist Nurses

Miranda Olding and Emma Matthews are the Multiple Sclerosis Clinical Nurse Specialists at the Beds & Northants MS Therapy Centre in Bedford and are here to help you with every aspect of managing your MS.

Picture of Miranda - MS Super Nurse 2013
We offer a holistic approach in providing care, advice and support to patients with MS, their families and healthcare professional involved in MS care.
This includes: 
* Understanding and getting your head around the initial diagnosis
* Learning about all the measures you can take to help stay well with MS
* Handling acute relapses
* Liaising with your GP and neurology team to get the appropriate medications and disease modifying treatments
* Understanding different treatments and trials that become available
* Managing both simple and complex symptoms and disabilities that may arise from the condition.

Award Winners

Both of us are national award winners. Emma received a Queen’s Nurse award for outstanding commitment and high standards of practice and patient care to people with MS and also received the MS Society’s Professional of the Year 2016.
Miranda, for her stress busting work, and also the patient voted MS Trust award ‘My Super Nurse’ in 2013.
Both of us have contributed nationally and internationally at conferences, such as MS Life, MS Trust, RIMS, CMSC in America providing posters and talks on innovative practice such as APS therapy and bowel management.
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The Role of the MS Specialist Nurse

At the MS Therapy Centre, we are lucky enough to be working alongside our physiotherapy colleagues and other colleagues offering varying types of complementary therapy. We also integrate certain holistic practices into our nursing care, and therefore we are able to offer additional approaches to support a healthy lifestyle,  and various tools and techniques to enhance resilience to stress, fatigue, mood and pain management.


Monitor & Manage

Regular assessment and identification of ongoing needs.
To manage and support people using Disease Modifying Treatment and the co-ordination of care and services for people with MS.



Provide a local contact for people with MS for advice and information at time of diagnosis and during progression, benefits, health promotion and carer support.



Act as a contact for MS advice and referrals to relevant professionals and services.



Urgent support for new diagnosis and for those in relapse/crisis situations.



A service to meet, manage and assist the needs of people with MS and their family.


Symptom Management

Provide a sensitive but thorough assessment to people with MS.
Record, monitor and treat identified needs including Disease Modifying.



Provide and act as a resource for information, advice and support to healthcare professionals, people with MS and their family.



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