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At the MS therapy Centre in Bedford we are extremely lucky to have a beautiful hydrotherapy pool.  

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Hydrotherapy offers physical, psychological and social benefits. It promotes increased freedom of movement, development of motor skills, sensory awareness and increased confidence, using the properties of water such as buoyancy and hydrostatic pressure.
The flow of water can be used to assist or resist exercise, thus offering great versatility.
The temperature of the pool is held at 34o C , which is thermoneutral – pleasantly warm on entering the pool, and effective in achieving optimal therapeutic benefit.
The aims of an exercise programme will always be to increase functional ability where possible, and to achieve relaxation and a sense of freedom and independence for all.

Hydrotherapy for Multiple Sclerosis

The main benefits of exercise in water for people with Multiple Sclerosis are:
  • Improved blood supply to muscles – beneficial for strengthening exercises
  • Mobilisation of fluid within the tissues of the body – helping to reduce oedema
  • Relaxation of muscle tissue- enabling stretching of muscles to increase their range.
  • Reduced pain and reduced hypersensitivity – due to the all-encompassing property of water.
  • Reduced pressure on submerged joints – enabling greater and pain-free freedom of movement
  • Balance training – water providing either safe or challenging environment depending on individual need.
  • Improved standing or walking due to the supportive nature of water.
  • Relaxation provided by the warmth and support of the water.
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The freedom of movement enabled through the use of the medium of water often allows individuals to stand or walk when otherwise unable to do so, and the potential to exercise actively and independently, promotes a sense of wellbeing and enjoyment.
Hydrotherapy can be a beneficial form of exercise for most people with Multiple Sclerosis unless they suffer a significant level of fatigue, which can be exacerbated by the warm humid atmosphere and the effort required for dressing after the session.
Each session lasts approximately 30 minutes and an individual assessment can be carried out by a physiotherapist to ascertain suitability for exercise in water. It may be that underlying medical history will mean that hydrotherapy would be unsafe, but limited mobility is not a concern as we have various methods of hoist access, to suit all levels of confidence and ability.


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