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APS Therapy 

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What is The APS Therapy?
APS Therapy uses micro-current – a millionth of an amp of electricity – to send a copy of ‘action potentials’, the body’s own electrical signals, to reduce pain, boost energy and assist injury repair.
In the first 2 years of our APS Therapy clinic at the MS Therapy Centre, we found that 79% of people reported a reduction in their pain. The average reported drop in ‘usual’ pain was just over 3 points, and in ‘worst’ pain, 4.7 points. In practice we find that some people say that they no longer experience the pain that they had originally,  some people say that they feel a reduction, and some people report no benefit at all.
Some people also reported improvements in wellbeing, energy, MS fatigue, spasm and sleep quality, not related to pain reduction, so we now offer treatment for fatigue also.

What To Expect From an APS Treatment

An APS session involves you sitting comfortably with electrodes attached.  The treatment is painless, and takes around 40 minutes
At your initial asssessment an individual treatment plan will be devised and you will be taught how to use the machine and attach the elctrodes.   Some people carry out the treatment themselves at the Centre or at home, but help is available for those who have difficulty.
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APS at the MS Therapy Centre

We offer a 6 week course of treatment, ideally for 3 x a week, although some people have had results with less frequent treatment. This is long enough to find out whether the APS Therapy works for you.
After the first 6 weeks, people who no longer need to use APS Therapy due to the problem resolving or if there is no benefit will have completed the course, and for those who find that the treatment is useful but need long term therapy, the option of attending once a week for maintenance is available. 


Thanks to a generous donation to the centre, we now have an APS Therapy machine available for home rental, for those people who would like to try APS Therapy, but who, due to work or other commitments, cannot attend clinic for the trial period.
Cost for a 6 week rental is £200. There is a waiting list, please speak to Miranda or Emma, who will add your name if the treatment is safe and appropriate for you.
Training on use of the machine will be provided in the clinic at the Centre prior to you commencing treatments at home.

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