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Online pilates classes

Join our online Pilates classes with Jen on Thursdays.

Jen’s Mat Pilates via Zoom is on every Thursday at 11.30am.

The class, consisting of a warm-up, coming down to the mat for a sequences of exercises and ending with a cool down, has layers that allow everyone in the session to work at the appropriate level and to challenge their body.

Jen will be watching the members doing the exercises to ensure that they are doing them correctly.

To join, please email Jen today at [email protected] or call her on 07904 033712.

Jen will then go through the health questionnaire so you can safely join the Zoom sessions.

No excuses not to say fit in the lockdown! 

Here are some videos for you to use in your own time:

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Online Pilates classes

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Online Pilates classes

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