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Nurses at the MS Therapy Centre

The way that the nurses work at the MS Therapy Centre is changing. From April, Miranda will still be running a clinic day here once a week, but the good news, is that Bedfordshire CCG are now funding a full time MS Nurse post. Miranda has taken up this post, so will be employed by the NHS and able to offer a wider service in the community (for example home visits and hospital in-reach as well as clinics in different locations).
This service is limited to People with MS who have a Bedfordshire GP, and are not under any other MS team (eg for DMTs) apart from any Bedford hospital neurologist. If this is you, and you are happy for the MS Centre to share your details with this new NHS  nurse post (Miranda), please email us with your name saying ‘please add me to the NHS nurse’s list’ on [email protected]  It is really important to make sure that your details are captured by the NHS.
The NHS will also be inviting GPs to submit the names of their patients with MS, but this may not be reliable.
Emma will continue to run an MS Nurse clinic at the MS Therapy Centre that can see anybody, no matter where from or whether also on DMTs, or seeing another team.
Message from Miranda “I will miss being directly employed by the MS Therapy centre as they have been fantastic in allowing me to develop a really innovative and holistic service over the years, and I will miss those of you that I am no longer able to see in clinic, but we must meet the changes in the best way possible, and I do think that the MS Nursing service overall will be better for local people with MS, and of course the MS Therapy centre will be able to invest this part of the nurse’s salary in our other important services.” Stay well! 🙂 Miranda
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