It’s flu jab time


The seasonal flu jab can protect you against the kind of influenza most likely to be around in any one year. It’s free on the NHS to anyone with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and their partner or carer.

Should I get the flu jab if I’ve got MS?

For most people with MS it makes sense to get the protection that vaccines offer. If you get ill with flu, or another infection, it could make MS symptoms worse. It might even trigger a relapse. And of course, the diseases themselves can be serious, even fatal in some cases. Arm yourself with the facts about this so that you can make informed choices. There is more information on the MS Society website and the MS Trust has a useful page too. 

What does COVID-19 mean for vaccines and MS?

There’s no vaccine for the new coronavirus (COVID-19) at the moment, but more people than usual are being offered the flu vaccine so this could help reduce pressure on the NHS.

Contact your GP to arrange an appointment for a flu jab.