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Pop-up Art Exhibition

Saturday 5th October 10am – 5pm & Sunday 6th October 10.30pm – 4pm

Art exhibition featuring original works for sale by local and national artists at the MS Therapy Centre.This page contains some examples of the work on show.

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McCarthy and stone logo
Hatters lozenge
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Karen Mangold
This work is called 'Close by Catherine's Cross' and was commissioned to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Kit WIlliams' treasure book 'Masquerade'.

Karen Mangold

Having been born in the country, and lived in the same Bedfordshire village for her whole life, Karen very much takes inspiration from her surroundings.  She is a member of the Hare Preservation Trust, and has a passion for local wildlife.  She enjoys painting wildlife, in particular hares, she finds their mystical and folk lore legend intriguing, but also enjoys the challenge of other subjects within the same style to give a contemporary feel to traditional subjects. 

Karen works with acrylic, and she always starts her work on a bright coloured canvas, and subtle hints of the under colour can sometimes be seen.  She also likes painting with a large brush,  around 1 1/2 inches, and using the application of different colours with each brush stroke to give a painterly effect.

AUCTION: We have a limited edition print of Karen’s Mangold’s work ‘Close by Catherine’s Cross’ to auction along with a first edition copy of ‘Masquerade’, the book that inspired it signed by Kit Williams. What a fantastic set to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the book.

Visit this page for more details and to add your bid.

Some of our artists:

Some of these works are for sale, some are representative of the artists’ work. Each artist will submit more than one work, so come and see them for yourself on 5th or 6th October.

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Charlotte Nott Macaire

Charlotte Nott-Macaire

Charlotte is a professional photographer based in London, specialising in food, drink and travel. She works with a team of highly skilled food and prop stylists at her studio in North London, shooting for a number of the UK’s leading restaurants, brands, apps and magazines.
Whilst building her own prop collection, Charlotte also makes her own photography surfaces to shoot on and bespoke photographic lighting.
Her other passion is travelling the world, capturing her food journeys along the way, one country at a time!
Mandy Knight
Mandy Knight 2

Mandy Knight

Mandy’s formative years were spent in a little village in Suffolk, in the middle of ‘Constable Country’.With such a rich natural backdrop to a childhood spent exploring the byways and fields, watching fishes in the millstreams and paddling in the Stour river, she delighted in the natural world around her.

With pencil and note book she sketched flora and fauna, adding poetry and prose to her musings. Yet Mandy drew in black and white in her early days.

Her love of depicting Lowry-type scenes and drawing freehand classical architecture, in pen and ink and sepia wash, frustrated her art teacher!

Then something magical happened just two years ago.  Mandy discovered her love of Acrylic Paint pouring techniques. Suddenly, a world of colour exploded onto her canvas! Curious patterns emerged, hidden images of animals, sea-life and nature that friends and family also adored.

Many Acrylic Pour artists embellish their works with stencils and mixed media, but Mandy has resisted this trend, in the main, preferring the Observer to discern for themselves, the imagery her pours bring to mind of each individual. Each pour is unique and personal.

Having M.S. herself, Mandy knows that her art is an effective therapy!

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Annie Chasey

Anne Chasey (Annie) was born in Denra Dun,India and educated at Auckland House, Simla and Woodstock school, Mussoorie,India.
After leaving school, she was employed as Secretary to  Brigadier A.E.Cummings, V.C, who was C.O. of Army H.Q. Denra Dun.
After the partition of India she came to England in 1948 and was employed at the Eastern Electricity Board for 10 years and then as Secretary to various Bank Managers at Barclays Bank,Bedford for 22 years.
As an artist, she is self taught and, after many years as a water colourist, she turned to oils after her husband gave her a box of oil paints as a Christmas present! She has a wide range of subjects- landscapes, animals, portraits and still life.

Nick Hornigold

I am a full-time scientist, working in medical research, and a part-time artist in the medium of Chinese Brush Painting. Chinese art emphasises the spiritual over the physical, and attempts to capture the inner essence of the subject. The symbolic meaning of the subjects portrayed is of central importance. I have been working in Chinese painting for twenty years now, and teach regularly in Yorkshire, Manchester and further afield. I am a founder member of the Yorkshire Chinese BrushPainting Society, and work on their committee. Over the years I have studied with masters of the Chinese brush such as Xiao Bai, and Qu Lei Lei, while attempting to develop my own personal style. I have been attempting to bring the subtlety and great beauty of Chinese art to Western audiences, and show them how this different perspective can increase their appreciation of art. I am a long-standing supporter of MS charities.

A Calming Moment

Sophie Bliss

I am a professional full-time artist based in Kettering, Northamptonshire. I specialise in animal art after studying Pet Portraits with the London Art college.

By creating art, I hope to help to bring nature inside and reconnect people with the world around them by reminding people to take a moment out of their day to appreciate nature.

summer trees
Terry Wood 2

Terry Wood

I have lived in Stotfold, Hertfordshire,  for over 30 years.

I studied at St. Albans School of Art, and completed a BA-Hons degree in 2D Design. My background is in Commercial Art, but my passion is in traditional painting. I work in acrylics, and like to explore other mediums, such as watercolour, pastels, gouache and pen and ink.

As for my subject matter, I take inspiration from many sources. I have travelled extensively, and my sketchbook is usually a digital camera, which I find useful especially when time is in short supply.


Screenshot 2019 08 18 15.56.53

Eunice Friend

Eunice is a professional artist and tutor based in England amidst the scenic countryside of Northamptonshire. Many of Eunice’s works are based on British wildlife.

Anna Reed 2
Anna Reed

Anna Reed

Anna Reed is a professional artist working from her studio in Bedfordshire. Born in London, Anna moved to Bedfordshire during her childhood and it was at this time she realised a passion for drawing and painting.

Anna is self-taught and driven by her admiration of nature and its elegance. She predominately works in oil paint and pencil and uses precise and deliberate strokes to produce representational pieces of work depicting people, wildlife and natural surroundings.

Anna thrives on the powerful emotions that her art triggers and the happiness of others when she reveals a new piece of work.

Kiran Patel 2
Kiran Patel

Kiran Patel

Kiran Patel is an artist working under the name of Illustrating Rain. Using the concept of translating the ephemeral nature of thought into a visual form, where the spoken words are silenced and the art imagery is turned into the invisible forms of engagement; where emotions are aroused and intuition is channelled.

Her work is driven through a desire to translate her inner experiences into a creative expression and so through the medium of ink and pen work she documents her inner awareness to create visual language in the world of form.

Kiran has exhibited throughout the UK and sells her artworks internationally. Her work has been used by Starbucks for their China advertising campaign and her work has also featured on the set of the US hit show Scandal. Kiran Patel wrote and illustrated her first bool titled ‘The Spirit of Creating’ to encourage and inspire others to embark on their own journeys.

Bel Bluemel
Bel Bluemel2

Bel Bluemel

After completing my full -time degree in Art and Design, as a mature student at Hertfordshire University, I continued my studies and obtained the University Certificate in Art Therapies.  After leaving university I held my first solo exhibition at the Apthorp Gallery in Radlett.  I have participated in many exhibitions including the Mall Galleries in London .

I have  also enjoyed working on the Committee of the Harpenden Arts Club as both the Programme and Publicity Secretary and currently as the Editor of ‘Brushstrokes’, the Club’s newsletter.

My aim in my artwork is to create strong imagery, inspired by life and the imagination, using a wide range of experimentation in different media.

Naomi Rose Johnson
Naomi Rose Johnson 1

Naomi Rose Johnson

Naomi Rose Johnson is a creative artist based in Milton Keynes. With a BA (Hons) in Illustration, Naomi specialises in detailed, hand-drawn, animal portraits. As a wildlife artist, Nami is very passionate about conservation and raising awareness about the surrounding issues many species face today. It is a privilege to work with animal charities and help to protect and preserve our natural world through illustration. An aspect of Naomi’s work is teaching Art and Crafts to adults and children of all ages. Naomi runs group workshops as well as 1-1 sessions, covering the basic techniques of coloured pencils so that it’s easy to understand and learn. In 2018, Naomi was accepted into the UK Colour Pencil Society Exhibition as well as a Gallery in London. Her work can be found in various galleries and shops up and down the country and she often showcases her work at local fairs and open studio venues. Naomi has always loved art and animals so she’s very grateful to have turned her hobby into a business, working closely with her customers, bringing joy through bespoke commissions and sending artwork all over the world.

Screenshot 2019 08 22 at 18.03.18
Priyanka Jog

Priyanka Jog

I am Priyanka Jog. A graphic designer and animator by profession. Alongside my profession I continued honing my art skills. I enjoy working in a variety of mediums and exploring styles to find my niche.

SOphie Patel 1

Sophie Patel

I am an artist based in Sandy, Bedfordshire. I started drawing from a young age and have always had a great passion for creating art. I decided to pursue Art as a career after having my two children and wanting to do something I loved. 
I specialise in portraits of pets, wildlife and people in colour pencil and graphite. I offer bespoke portraits from photos as well as original artwork, greeting cards and prints. 
Most people are familiar with Graphite work but Colour pencil is a relatively new medium in the art world and thanks to a few key companies there are now high quality, lightfast pencils available that allow great detail and will stand the test of time. They do take a considerable amount of time to complete but I love the detail and depth of colour you can obtain with these apparently simple tools! 
You can find my work on Facebook and Instagram under Sophie Louise Creates and on my website 
John Devitt

John Devitt

I paint in watercolour – mainly pen & wash. I like architectural subjects and landscapes and have an illustrative style. I sell my work both in the UK and abroad.


Lauren Mitchell

Lauren Mitchell

My passion is recycled Eco Art that incorporates masses of colour, texture and bling. My creative process usually sparks off with an idea or object (art trouve), then I immerse myself in autonomous experimentation and “happy accidents”. On a journey of discovery, this is my soul food – very cathartic.  Who said saving the planet couldn’t be fun?

I have been involved with diverse communities ie schools, care homes, youth clubs through various workshops and fetes. We have made hats, bags, jewellery, sculpture and art and more.

I have made costumes and performed in carnivals at Luton, Lord Mayor’s show, Ryde IOW, Brighton and Arbury. I help out at St Neots museum, stained glass museum Ely, Kettles Yard and The Big Draw

I hold a fine art BA and have exhibited with open studios throughout the country. 

Margaret Gale

Margaret Gale

I have been painting for six years.I enjoy painting in acrylic and mixed media

Marianne Sellers
Marianne sellers 2

Marianne Sellers

I am a largely self-taught amateur artist. I paint all sorts of countryside scenes featuring the sea, lakes, rivers and bridges, historic buildings, gardens, flowers and birds.  I use a variety of media, predominantly watercolour, but also pastels and acrylics, sometimes in conjunction with pen and crayons.
I made my first sale when still at school, a colourful fabric and embroidery collage of a butterfly on flowers. It was featured in a gallery and craft shop in the medieval town of Rye, E Sussex and purchased by an American tourist.
Since then I have dabbled in painting and drawing, floral art and handicrafts. I have attended classes in drawing, watercolours, pastels and acrylic inks . I have exhibited with Bedford Art Society and more recently at an exhibition at Odell church. I am also part of a small group of artists, ‘ Friday Daubers’ who meet every Friday afternoon in term time, starting again from 27th September at St Peter’s Church in Bedford, where we spend pleasant afternoons sharing ideas and enthusiasms and producing pictures in different media and styles. You are most welcome to come along and see what we do.
Andrew Marsh

Andrew Marsh

I mainly work in acrylics and work quite small because space is limited at home. However that means that my paintings can get lost when they’re exhibited, so I’ve recently made a conscious effort to scale up my work.


Manasi Barve

I am an IT professional and entrepreneur. Having been in the IT industry for over 25 years, it’s the breaks from the desk, into nature that give me inspiration. Spending time travelling, witnessing nature’s untouched beauty brings me a sense of peace and is a muse to my paintings.
In an attempt to grow beyond the world of IT, I have started which is a retail platform for people to showcase and sell their creations. 
I am a founder of Marathi Mandal Milton Keynes, a cultural organisation with principle aims of bringing together the Marathi community in MK, as well as giving back to the underprivileged community through charity work. Over the past decade, we have embarked on numerous projects, including giving solar lanterns, blankets and clothes to the underprivileged as well as building wells to help combat droughts in India. I believe as a citizen of this society that gives us so much, it is our duty to give back, and this is our attempt at doing the little we can.

Peter Arnold

Peter Arnold

Peter is a self taught artist based in Bedfordshire.
After recently retiring from education he now spends time creating and exhibiting works using a range of media.
The 3D pieces in his most recent ‘Books’ project have been very popular with art lovers who like something different and unique.
joan hunter

Joan Hunter

I am from Hitchin in Hertfordshire.

My work is to develop new ideas which could enhance me in my exploration of colour and giving a visual voice to highlight the plight of trees due to deforestation.

I am hoping the viewer can see and recognise something within themselves that provokes positive thoughts towards the importance of preserving them.

Here I have used Acrylic and Ink.

There is a protective layer of resin.

Claire Bliss
Claire Bliss 2

Claire Bliss

As an artist my influences are varied; for 2D work I am inspired by M.C.Escher, Leonardo da Vinci, Hieronymus Bosch, Salvador Dali and Marc Chagall. I love colour, nature and patterns, I tend to be inspired on a daily basis as I go about my life. Anything out of the ordinary fascinates me; I like to spend time in junk shops and I am intrigued by different cultures.

Throughout my life I have always been intensely passionate about what I create, so it was inevitable I would go on to study it more in-depth after school. I completed a Foundation Course in Art and Design, at Bedford College, specialising in 3D Design; after finishing this I went on to do a HND in 3D Design there as well, these courses gave me a solid basis and the knowledge of materials that I needed in order to continue developing my work. I then went on to study Fine and Applied Arts at Canterbury Christ Church University where I revelled in experimenting with many different materials, going on to specialise in the combination of glass and ceramics –  it fascinated me to see how these materials reacted with each other and how I could push the boundaries.

Screenshot 2019 08 24 at 11.57.54
Sally Morris

Sally Morris

Hi, I am Sally Morris, I am 70 years of age, and have enjoyed painting and drawing since a very early age.

I was accepted into the Luton Technical College (Now Luton University) in 1965 for Fine Arts, Design and Calligraphy.

I enjoy painting with oils or acrylics, and also drawing with pastels & charcoal, either from life, or adapting photos in my own style of colour & movement. I have been impressed by Van Gough style and John Constable.

I was diagnosed with MS in 1994, and I find that it helps me & is therapeutic in bringing me back from any relapses I have suffered.

Sue Little
Sue Little 2 1

Sue Little

I did not do particularly well with art at school. I did, however, receive a lot of encouragement to draw as a child by my father, who was a very capable amateur artist. We spent a lot of time together each drawing the same subject and I still have the book into which I pasted our results.

I went back to painting in the 1980s, again encouraged by my father. Once retired I decided it was time to progress with painting and have attended regular classes and workshops. My first love is watercolour although I have tried acrylic and pastel. I enjoy painting a wide range of subjects including botanical watercolour.  I am now wanting to experiment with other media including more acrylic and collage.

I am a member of St Neots Art Group and found this has helped to encourage me to experiment outside of my comfort zone.

Julie Hardy

Julie Hardy

I started in Textiles and more recently have started to paint.
I am endlessly fascinated by faces, both human and animal. Both tell others about our character, our journeys and emotions, our joy and sorrow show up in all faces.
Coupled with a love of colour ,texture and pattern, I try to represent this in my painting.
(I can paint dog commissions to your specific request.)


Alana Doran

I went to art college (Cleveland art and design) where I gained a distinction in art – since then, my love of colour has just grown.

I moved to Sandy 6 years ago where I met the artist Jean Picton who has encouraged and supported me in my art work. I’ve been involved in a number of art exhibitions over the last 5 years. I now have work in different parts of the country, as well as in Niko Brown’s art gallery in Ware and Mama’s cafe in Sandy where a lot of local artists show their work.

My work is mainly abstract; for me, it’s mainly about colours, shapes and texture. Since the early 1900’s abstract asrt has formed a central part of modern art.

joanne bowes pic 1

Joanne Bowes

Working from the landscape, or through study of nature’s patterns, I explore textures and shapes in order to create drawings and paintings from which I produce my unique designs.

I enjoy working with natural and recycled materials, combined with traditional techniques such as printing, weaving and knitting. 

​My mixed media landscapes are created using pigments which I have made myself, from natural dyes, and feature a range of different textures.  I hold a BA (hons) in contemporary applied arts.

jan pic

Jan Drury

Jan Drury is a regular exhibitor at The Workhouse Gallery in Dunstable. She works in many different media.

Her work can be abstract, using the different processes that take place during mixing, producing pieces that contain depth and layers.

Jan also prints using collagraph plates and solar plates, using original photographs as a starting point.

She is particularly interested in seascapes and tunnels but her work takes on many forms.  Jan holds a BA (Hons) in fine art.

Jane Glynn

Jane Glynn

Jane Glynn was born in Edinburgh but has lived in Hertfordshire since childhood. She has a BA (Hons) in Fine Art from University of Hertfordshire (1989) and an MA in Children’s Book Illustration from Anglia Ruskin, Cambridge (2011). She is also a qualified teacher and taught in primary schools for ten years across the age ranges; since finishing her MA (which coincided with her youngest daughter leaving for university) she has been developing her own art and education practice which includes participatory projects for people of all ages and abilities as well as an ongoing personal visual diary exploring time and memory – this takes many forms and includes hand made books, paintings, prints, drawings and animations. She works with schools, museums and galleries, is an associate artist with MK Gallery in Milton Keynes and is currently working with University of Hertfordshire on engagement sessions linked to New Geographies. She is an alumna of Digswell Arts. She is also a published children’s book author/illustrator and has exhibited widely, with solo shows throughout Hertfordshire, including ‘Imprinted’ at St Albans Museum and Gallery in 2018/19.

Linda Heller
Linda Heller 2

Linda Helliar

I originally painted with watercolour, which I still love doing, and then began to experiment with acrylic, inks, and tried using collage which interest me and helped me to develop my own style of painting.
I take my own photos, mostly and my inspiration is nature and the beautiful colours found all around us in florals and landscapes which I try to interpret in my own style.
I have exhibited in galleries and a range of other venues in the local region and I very much look forward to this exhibition in support of the MS Therapy Centre in Bedford.’

IMG 0652

Ishita Purandare

I love experimenting with colours and mediums. I am highly inspired by ‘Mithila Art’ & ‘Tanjore Art’ which are considered as one of the most ancient Indian Art forms. These are made with gold, jewels and natural colours.
Verity Slaughter Penny

Verity Slaughter-Penney

Art by VSP.
A teacher and head teacher for 27 years, I was forced to re-evaluate my life following a mental breakdown in July 2017. 
I returned to my first love of art and literature and found that I could still create. Two years on I love to work in fine chalk pastels and acrylics, I also glass paint. I am now a published illustrator and am awaiting publication of my first book for young adults. 
I welcome any challenge, however crazy, and even decorated a float, with only five days ‘notice, for the river festival. 
Martin Hatch

Martin Hatch

 I have spent the last 24 years working as a designer in the display and shop fitting industries. After an old fashioned apprenticeship starting off on a large drawing board with pencils and rubbers,  the last 16 years or so everything has been produced on computer software, so with a little more time on my hands, it’s great to get back to what I really love, drawing and painting by hand, I have no formal art training and am totally self taught.   
Clare Cammack
Claire Cammack2

Clare Cammack

I moved to North Norfolk in the mid 1990’s to study Art and Design. On returning to live in St Albans I attended life classes part time whilst working and since having children have dedicated more time to concentrating on my painting.
My work is based on the human form, sometimes abstracted other times more figurative. Drawing is important to me, a basis for ideas and often the sculptural element of my drawing rolls naturally into my painting. It is a natural instinctive response to the figure and an emotional response to my own mood and state of mind.
At times I will work directly from the model. I work on three or four pieces at a time, usually in oils though acrylic has its place and can be used as a starting point. Mark making and texture forms an important part of my process as does much scratching and sanding back of the layers. I rarely start a painting with a particular image in mind , its all very fluid and develops as I go along- it’s often a battle- you think you are winning then something goes amiss and you loose what you had and the battle begins again to bring the work back . It is an emotional and experimental roller coaster. If it was easy it wouldn’t be worth the time. I have no particular influence or formula. I am finding my own way, and it is a journey very much like life. @clarecammackartist

Nimisha Nishant Hajare

I am Mrs Nimisha Nishant Hajare, originally from India. I have done my Masters of Philosophy & Masters of Education in India.

I came to the UK in 2015 after I got married to Nishant. I had done few paintings and artwork during childhood.

Nishant was my greatest admirer and inspiration.

Unfortunately I lost him due to his brief ill-ness in 2018. All my paintings are dedicated to my husband.


Sarah Harrington
Sarah Harrington 2

Sarah Harrington

I am a 22 year old artist who has a deep love and fascination of the impressionist painters and strives to convey light and texture in my work.
I enjoy travelling and it is on these journeys that I find the subjects of my artwork.
I became keenly interested in the use of palette knives to create a painting whilst study at the Paris American Academy of Art during the summer of 2014.
It was the trips out to such inspiring and beautiful locations that gave me the desire to experiment with my landscape work.
Maureen Forde

Maureen Forde

Maureen Forde is a practising artist in Northamptonshire who graduated in 2014 from the University of Northampton after successfully completing a BA (Hons) Fine Art degree, and as an alumni shares in the use of the University’s print room as a creative base, for experimenting and printing her ideas.

Maureen’s current areas of interest are painting and traditional printmaking allied with digital manipulation in both abstract and figurative imagery. In addition, Maureen is a keen user of flat reusable materials particularly textiles for the exploration of added textures, which not only gives another dimension to a piece of visual art work, but repurposes a discarded piece of material into something unique.

The series of works on show were borne out of ideas; (1) a one off print titled ‘Night Horizon’ (a way with colour) submitted to “A Letter in Mind” The National Brain Appeal charity for the open call fundraiser of ‘A Way With Colour’, and (2) titled ‘Impressions on Life’ using found wooden fruit boxes as printmakers plates to make art symbolising the cycle of life.

Her work has been shown in collective exhibitions at NT&C – Northampton Museum, Silver Vine Arts – New Walk Museum, Leicester and Alfred East Gallery, Kettering.



Nick Nosina

Nick Nosina

Nick started to get interested in art from the very early age of 7yrs. Growing up in India in a poor family, resources to paint and create were scarce so he used any surface that he came across and could get his hands on. Some of the surfaces he used  as a child include used text books, his mum’s old sarees, stone etc. He now mainly uses salvaged wood to create his beautiful artworks. 
Since coming to UK, Nick has been mesmerised by the British landscape and therefore his art works are mainly based on Cornish and Scottish scenery. He sketches whenever and wherever he comes across beautiful scenes / objects in his day to day life. He then works in his studio on these preliminary sketches to a final product. All his art works are made by burning the image on wood and then added white colour highlights to enhance some of the details in the image. 
Nick is a GP in Hertfordshire and he is passionate about medicine as much as he is passionate about creating art. He finds a good work – life balance with this combination.
Roxanne Smith

Roxanne Smith

I studied art and design at GCSE LEVEL, in sixth form at Sandy upper school for a further year and went onto do 2 years at Bedford college, all in art and design.
Full time work got in the way of my one love and then 7 years ago after my mum past I walked into Jean Picton’s art group and never looked back. These days I love to work with acrylics but there isn’t much I haven’t tried.
I’m a qualified florist and have run my own face painting party business. I have a part time job self employed and fit in art as and when I can around family life.
Mike La Traile
Mike La Traille 2

Mike La-Traille

Mike La-Traille is an international selling photographer. For the past 17 years he’s been exhibiting his work.

Mike now owns a gallery in Littlehampton, West Sussex. The gallery works with over 100 artists and every month there are new exhibitions featuring new artists alongside the residents.

Mike has produced four limited edition prints especially for this exhibition from his Barcelona Backstreet Project. These will only be available at this special event to help support it.

The Barcelona Backstreet Project started four years ago on his first visit there. Captivated by the architecture, back streets, graffiti and the atmosphere that is created. The history of these backstreets propelled through the George Orwell novel “Homage To Catalonia”
Walk in The Park Durrani
Aisha Durrani

Aisha Durrani

Painting is a hobby I’ve always had from a young age but one which was not taken very seriously until now, due to work commitments. It stemmed from my desire to have unique, bright and bold wall art – I love decorating my house, and painting my own art adds that personal, unique touch. I am mostly self taught with no formal art education. I get my inspiration from the nature around me – a common theme for my work. However, I do not try and copy nature right down to the finest detail. Instead, I like to put my own twist and improvisation on it. I am inspired by the bright colours of the morning sky and fields around me and almost every day, I get out of the car and take photos of the  surrounding countryside, using them as a basis for my future work. I paint in both oil and acrylics with the recent favourite being acrylic because of its quick drying potential and  odour-less workplace. I also love doing charcoal drawings because of the bold contrast that can be achieved between the blacks and whites.

I love to see people admire and enjoy my work, I pray and hope that it brings joy and happiness to whoever sees it and decides to take it home with them.


David Mitchell
David Mitchell2

David Mitchell

David will be exhibiting his pottery.

Attended Lancaster and Morecambe College of Art 1955- 60 doing bookbinding then Interior design. Carried out a commission for two bibles in Chipping Parish Church. Gained an NDD certificate in interior design.

Attended Liverpool College of Art 1960-61. Gained the Art Teachers Diploma.                

Spent  10 months variously, as a painter and decorator and an assistant in a furniture shop. Ending with having two panels of paintings at the Bath Festival in 1961. Ending the year travelling to Greece (where I did a lot of painting) via Germany, Austria and Italy. 

Started teaching at Abbs Cross School in Hornchurch 1962 -1966. Got married then moved to Bedford and taught at Newnham and Pilgrim schools until 1982.      Carried out a commission in 1976 for a Christus Rex for Clophill Parish Church.           

Worked as an antique furniture restorer 1982- 2001.When I  officially retired but still do a little. Do pottery stained glass and sculpture as part jobs  and part hobbies.

Chloe Mae Cole 1
Chloe Mae Cole

Chloe Mae Cole

I started using wire to make beautiful outline sculptures of horses during my A levels. Since then I have successfully started my own small business around work and university. During this time I have moved on from soldering my wire sculptures to learning how to weld, leading to my horseshoe sculptures and using heavy-duty metals. All of my work is welded and painted by myself using an arc welder and hammerite metal paint designed to last a minimum of 8 years. Over Christmas 2017 I sold over 50 horseshoe reindeer around the country and also into France. Each piece of my work is unique, no single product is the same which makes it individual to each customer.
Paul RIbworth
Paul RIbworth2

Paul Pibworth

I am an Artist with a solid engineering background.  When I’m asked if I can make something I almost always say yes. Because as an Artist and Engineer, I know that anything is possible. 

The work I do is made by myself. I make things, it’s as if I can’t stop myself. Using stainless steel to make up my structures & taking some inspiration from a passage of text. A  song,  poem, a word of kindness or bitter words in haste; all of which can harness intense emotion and leave the scars of pain or the warmth of Love.

My work? I want it to complete connections; to be the connecting piece between people, people and their past, their present and future aspirations.

I want to highlight the good from the past, of the present and for the future.


Paul will exhibit sculptures made out of mild steel and cut and clasp nails.

Molly Jackson

Molly Jackson

Molly is studying Fine Art at Norwich University of the Arts (NUA).

Molly is influenced by modern art, and recently enjoyed a trip to Barcelona to visit the architecture of Gaudi.

Molly is experimenting with different media and currently enjoys working in oils.

This piece, called ‘Still Life’ depicts a pomegranate, garlic and broccoli. 

Helen York
Helen York2

Helen York

Practicing artist Helen York, is currently studying an BA in fine art at University of Northampton.

My artistic vision connects historically to JMW Turner for his use of light and colour. At university I’m exploring the natural environment by use of found objects from the landscape and moving this through to semi abstract and  Abstract  paintings and assemblages. Post graduation I hope to specialise in wildlife, animal and equestrian portraits,

Equestrian studies are my passion, capturing the essence and spirit of the horses’ personalities, and elaborating the warm-hearted, strong, gracious elegant and majestic figures. By use of photorealism I concentrate on interesting parts of the anatomy to portray their unique physique and soulfulness.

My colour palette is earthy browns and colours that reflect nature.

Artists I’m researching are George Stubbs and Lynwood Palmer.

Caroline Etim

Caroline Etim

Caroline Etim is an illustrator, Graphic Designer and aspiring Caricaturist. She’s been doings illustration and design for 9 years professionally, but has always loved drawing and design. Self taught and knowledge thirsty, she has, through the years, amassed a great deal of unexpected and varying job roles, such as exhibition designer, video editor, graphic design teacher, video game concept artist and even a brush with voice acting! Since teaming up with her husband and founding Etim Arts Ltd, she is now working hard to also become a caricaturist, and with such an expect teacher she is progressing fast and is hoping to move into live Caricatures next year.
Abu Yahya

Abu Yahya

Abu is a self-taught calligraphy artist based in Luton. Born and raised in Kashmir, he attended a masters degree in management at the University of Bedfordshire, but he has always had a passion for calligraphy art. He is well known for his unique style, which is a combination of modern and Arabic calligraphy.
Meni Etim
Meni Etim2

Meni Etim

Meni Etim is an artist living and working in Luton, Bedfordshire with his wife Caroline. They are a creative team running an art and design business, Etim Arts Ltd. 
Growing up in Camden Town, North Meni has been a keen sketcher ever since he could hold a pen. During his school years he honed his skills taking commissions for portraits and cartoons to fund his comic book habit. He continued to create as a hobby and often took many a commission as a side-line throughout the years.
Meni’s sense of humour and interest in cartoons eventually led him to practice the art of caricatures and became prolific in creating them. After the 2008 UK recession Meni’s business as a professional builder was no more and he turned to selling artwork instead. Never looking back, Meni sold his tools and went all in.
He gained his Illustration BA Hons at the University of Bedfordshire as a mature student and immediately made himself known to the community by officially mentoring his younger peers and taking on and leading extracurricular projects with the likes of Vauxhall, Carnival Arts and the Luton Hoo.
Years of commission work left little time for personal artistic pursuits but now Meni is exploring his love of nature. In this exhibition he is starting with an animal theme entitled: Stalkers.
Clair Williams2
Clair Williams

Clair Williams

I am a local artist and my studio is a shed in the garden. I studied Fine Art at university. I have a full-time job and paint over the weekends. My works are inspired by mandalas and are embellished with diamanté to give them extra sparkle

Catherine ODonnell2
Catherine ODonnell

Catherine O'Donnell

Catherine O’Donnell is an award-winning professional photographer.

Inspired by life, light & story-telling, her work captures an effortless sense of life, feeling & emotion. With a relaxed approach, Catherine manages to capture a raw tenderness in her subjects, often drawing the viewer in to feel they are feeling part of the experience.

A self-taught photographer, Catherine’s work has been been published in a number of national magazines including Professional Photo magazine, Photo Plus, Digital Camera, and by Vogue Italia.

She has also featured as a star guest on the world-renowned Seamless Spotlight podcast discussing children and family photography, and earlier this year had her first solo exhibition; Once. When I was Little, which depicted the wonder and innocence of childhood.

Known for her natural, relaxed approach, Catherine loves to shoot in natural light wherever possible, she is also a qualified teacher & loves inspiring others to create art & develop confidence through private mentoring & workshops.

Marie Claude
Marie Claude 3

Marie-Claude Dowding

I was born in Paris, France and married my English husband in 1975 when I also came to live in England. I have two boys and four grandchildren; two girls who live locally and two boys who live in Singapore, unfortunately I do not see the boys very often but thankfully we have Skype!
I always liked to draw and paint and was passionate about it at school. When I stopped working in 1990 I rekindled my passion for art and my creative side. My preferred medium is watercolour but also work in oils occasionally. 
Thomas Walker
Thomas Walker2

Thomas Walker

For me there is something deeply fascinating about hobbyists and their surroundings. The sensation of time when whole heartedly engaged in a project or sport coupled with the mystery and utility of those spaces is something I try and look for within my work. 
The challenge of designing, the physicality of cutting and the hope -filled process of printing lino makes for a wonderful creative process. One that I look forward to exploring a lot further.
Lesley Cartwright

Lesley Cartwright

I’ve always loved drawing but never had the time to complete anything only sketches hastily created on random pieces of paper.
Now I have the time,  I have immersed myself in art using a variety of different media.
I do not have a favourite artist as each one has their own skill and style but I am in awe of Canaletto for his detail and a soft spot for Banksy.
I belong to St Neots Art Group, whose members inspire me every time we meet.
Mark Ribeiro
Mark Ralph Art pic final


Mark-Ralph is a full time professional Artist and Interior designer currently based in the Bedfordshire area. Originally from the picturesque Atlantic seaboard of Cape Town where his innate artistic temperament was discovered and nurtured from an early age. 

The natural progression and evolution of his personal style and technique has taken on its expression through various forms of media and subject matter in the large body of work produced throughout his professional artistic career which spans over more than two decades. His innate ability to capture the essence of a mood or a moment in time has afforded him both International and local acclaim.

Peter Green

Peter Green

South West Essex College of Art & Architecture in Walthamstow was the start of my keen interest in Art, although I was studying surveying and building construction, their art department became a compulsory draw.  

My early work in oils in the 1970’s was representational landscapes and portraits. At this time I was attending evening classes at Harlow College.  After having moved to St Neots, Cambridgeshire I attended evening classes at Bedford College and experienced exhibiting my art in an art exhibition in Biggleswade.  Having started these evening classes my work began to change and became more abstract using acrylics. It was at these evening classes I met a professional illustrator and it was her who encouraged me to exhibit in professional Art Galleries such as Peterborough, Kettles Yard, Cambridge and Wysing Arts where I also attended a course. 

My present work is mixed media as I find the challenge of using different materials & paint to create a pleasing composition sometimes with a theme and sometimes not. 

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