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2.6 Challenge

So far we have raised £1,345! Thank you to everyone involved with this campaign: the challengers, the donors and everyone who has supported this.

  • Jane Everett challenged herself to crochet and deliver 26 rainbows and raised £176
  • Bela did 26 challenges, one for every letter of the alphabet and pledged £1 each challenge
  • JP/Jean-Pierre Brown who pledged £30 to row 2.6km and completed this in 12 min 30 sec
  • Nitin Vaingankar who pledged £26 to run 4km in 26 min
  • Les who pledged £30 to run over 2.6km

Swarupa has completed her 2.6 challenge! She says, “I have:

  • Run 2.6k (over 2.7k)
  • Skipped 260 (261!) skips in 2min 60 sec non stop
  • Played over 26 (38) back hand strokes of wall tennis without dropping the ball
  • Baked 26 cookies and ate only two 
  • And finally, the thing that was holding me back – managed to plank for exactly 1min 30sec! (video sent to Sarah Parry)
  • But the sunflower seeds were a fail! Only one chose to live, no idea why. Have planted more…

To support this fundrsaiser, you can donate by clicking on the link:

  • Sarah Parry has also completed her gruelling challenge. She challenged herself to a 2.6 mile run, 2.6 minute plank, 26 squats and 26 full push ups EVERY DAY for 26 days! Here are her videos during the challenge and after her very last run.


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2.6 Challenge

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