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‘Digesting Science’

In September, a group of families whose members included a person with MS, and children between the ages of 5 and 12 attended a fun and educational workshop to learn about some of the terminology and science associated with MS.

A series of fun activities taught the families about topics that included using vitamin D to help prevent MS, the effects of MS on the eyesight, bladder and mobility, along with an illustration of how disease modifying treatments can work,

At the beginning of the session, the children were asked to put their name beside a series of words if they had heard of them before. Afterwards, they wrote their names by the words that they understood – there was a marked increase in recognition of the words after the event. Words included ‘nerve’, ‘optic neuritis’, ‘Multiple sclerosis’, ‘supplement’

As an ice-breaker, the children were also asked to draw a picture of everyone in the family, then to match up the pictures of people that they didn’t know with hte real person. At the end of the session, the children were asked to add a single word to their picture that described the day.  Words written included ‘educational’, ‘phenomenal’. ‘fun’ and ‘eye-opening’.


A fun warm-up activity


Children and mother concentration on an activity on a table

Learning how Disease Modifying Treatments can work


Children's drawings of faces

Children’s drawings with words describing the day



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